Click & Wind

My name is Marc and I live in Toronto (via France, Australia and the french part of Canada). When I picked up photography I learned on a Canon AE-1 while working at a camp, but I forgot about film when I got my first DSLR in 2006. After a couple years of shooting nothing but digital I found myself drawn back to the analog side of photography and the methodology that goes with it. I still shoot digital and sevennine will be where I showcase those shots (with a few analog ones) but this site is solely for film shots.


I have a handful of analog cameras but not all of them will produce photos that I can scan for this site, mainly because I don't have a scanner of all types, yet. But here are the cameras I do have.


Medium Format


Not Here

I have another photoblog, sevennine, that is a daily photoblog (ok, it's almost daily). I also have a site that I use to showcase photos called Marc Hodges Photography.

If you like being Web 2.0, then you can find me on a few other sites.


All these photos are mine and all the rights are reserved (blah blah blah). If you want to use a photo for a non-commercial reason, just ask and I'll most likely say yes (as long as you give me credit). If you want to pay me to use a photo, drop me a line, we'll talk.